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    The building contractor has previous experience with tasks such as drywall installation and electrical and plumbing fixture installation. In short, employ a professional building contractor unless you are a dedicated home improvement enthusiast with plenty of time on your hands. To ensure that your sunroom project is done to your satisfaction, you must choose the correct contractor. Before hiring a contractor, carefully consider your options to ensure that he or she is respectable and that you feel at ease working with him or her.
    Custom Sunroom Wexford PA

    Trusted by homeowners in the Wexford, PA area since 2002.

    Wexford Sunrooms Inc. is the sunroom contractor that provides your outdoor enjoyment indoors.

    Wexford Sunrooms Inc. helps you increase the value of your home while also improving your lifestyle, by adding a sunroom, patio, deck, or other living space.

    With Wexford sunrooms and porches, you can enjoy your home more while improving its beauty and energy efficiency. Our clients tell us that we have helped them find their favorite room or rediscovered a space that is now completely different and beautiful as a result of our work.
    Working closely with you, our goal is to create an oasis that is exactly what you want. We deliver on each of these factors and much more, whether you are looking for a stylish, comfortable, value-oriented, worry-free home or one that meets your unique lifestyle needs.
    We believe in the importance of long-term relationships. Many of our Wexford clients have returned to us over the years for additional projects to make their homes even more enjoyable. We are always happy to answer questions and address concerns. Our company has been in the building business since 2002, and we intend to stay in it for a long time.
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    Our professional sunroom contractors offer services across North Allegheny County. Wexford Sunrooms Inc. has been serving Wexford and north Allegheny County home owners around Franklin Park, McCandless Township, Pine Township, and Marshall Township since 2002. We listen first, build second, and then celebrate our customers with the completion of their dream sunroom or porch. We love what we do, and it shows!

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    Wexford • Franklin Park • McCandless / Pine Township

    A suburban treasure that Money Magazine once called the 28th Best Place to live in the United States.. The city is named after County Wexford in Ireland.


    Next time you are driving through the 15090 zip code, take your time and discover all the surprising things that this North Hills locale has to offer.











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    Choosing Between a Three-Season Porch or an All-Season Sunroom


    In it’s simplest, a three-season room or sunroom is a porch modified to keep the weather out. A three-season room protects you from the wind, rain, and snow, but it isn’t heated or cooled. A sunroom not only keeps the elements out, it offers a heated and cooled environment like any other room in your house. If you’re looking for a protected spot to get some fresh air and don’t mind what temperature that air is, consider a three-season room. If you’re a sun lover who’d rather not brave freezing cold or oppresive heat to bask in the sunlight, think about a sunroom.


    Room Options


    You can convert an existing porch or three-season room by installing glass and screen panels and a storm door between posts or columns. Or you can build a new three-season addition with floor-to-ceiling window-and-screen panels.


    Because it is uninsulated and unheated, a three-season room won’t get much winter use in cold climates. But on those late fall or early spring days when a porch would be uncomfortably chilly, a three-season room can warm up nicely as radiant heat from the sun is captures in the enclosed space. In some cases the off season may be the summer, when the uninsulated, unairconditioned space may get too toasty.


    Sunrooms are by definition habitable in all seasons, though the demands of insulation, heating, and coolingn make them more expensive than three-season rooms. They may be conversions of porches, patios, or decks. They can be be custom-made form the ground up or they can be manufactured and installed in a matter of days.


    Many sunrooms are highly finished and indistinguishable in style, detail, and furnishings from other rooms in your house. Or they may have a distinctive style all their own.


    Whether they are conversions, custom built, or factory made, three-season porches and sunrooms have many similarities. Their basic structures are often the same. Replace single-pane glass with insulated glass and add insulation to the walls, floor, and roof, and add a source of heating and cooling. Your three-season room is now a sunroom.


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