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    Top-Rated Sunroom and Porch Builders in Allegheny County Since 2002

    Located in Wexford, PA, Wexford Sunrooms Inc. builds sunrooms and porches for homes and businesses in the surrounding area of Allegheny County. In 2002, we built our first sunroom and have been building custom sunrooms and porches ever since. Our company has many satisfied customers and we are among the top-rated sunroom contractors around Wexford, PA. We have professionals who are punctual and possess the knowledge and skills to understand the specific needs of our customers. As a result, our sunrooms are constructed in accordance with strict specifications and we use only the best materials for our sunrooms. We have built all of our structures to be extremely energy efficient.

    We provide sunrooms, screen rooms, three-season sunrooms, patio enclosures, and remodeling of porches and patios as some of our services.


    Four Season Sunrooms

    As a customer of Wexford Sunrooms Inc., we strive to give you the best service experience possible. We understand that your home is where memories are made in your family, and we realize that it's a focal point in the family. Whenever it comes to lighting and spacing, we believe that doing a good job will enhance the overall value of your home and improve the quality of life for you and your family. Whether you are looking to install a four-season sunroom, or you are looking for a reliable team of experts who can transform your sunroom from design to reality, we have you covered.

    Before installing four-season sunrooms, we ensure that our customers receive all necessary information. As a result, our customers become more informed about the remodeling process. The result is we provide our customers with a stylish indoor environment that lets the beauty of the outdoors in!


    Three Season Porches

    If you are considering building or designing a three-season porch for your home or business, Wexford Sunrooms Inc. is the company for you. We have a fully-trained and competent team that ensures our customers will be able to enjoy their outdoor view in their home during the three seasons of spring, summer, and autumn. With Wexford Sunrooms, you can be sure that you'll be getting the finest quality three-season sunrooms on the market.

    The three-season sunrooms that we provide you with will provide you with an overall level of customer satisfaction that exceeds your expectations, in addition to connecting you with nature. In spring, summer, and autumn, your three-season porch will be the perfect place to relax and unwind. Adding a porch to your home enables you to enjoy it for years ahead, and our company stands behind the quality of our solutions.


    Screen Porches

    Having a screen porch at your home can create a more appealing environment, while they are designed and engineered to withstand the rigors of a closed environment. The roofline or decks that Wexford Sunrooms can install on can be matched to the existing roofline or deck to give you the desired effect. They are very helpful to keep you protected from UV rays, bugs, wind, rain, and rain while still letting you take in the beauty and atmosphere outside. Screen porches enhance the value of your home while also improving its functionality and beauty.

    There is a wide selection of designs that customers can select from to have installed. The Wexford Sunrooms Inc. team is extremely proud of the work they do each day. As there are multiple color options available, you will be able to choose a screen porch that will fit the style of the exterior of your home.


    Custom Construction

    We provide our clients with custom tailored plans and specifications to ensure they get the best sunrooms. Constructing to the customer's specifications provides a personal touch and we're up to meeting your standards!

    Your home will look more attractive as a result, making it more appealing to potential buyers. Whether you're looking to add square footage to the family room, the home office, or the game room of the house, we'll build it for you. Adding a sense of uniqueness to your home and matching the colors that you like is one of the things that you can do with a variety of choices. We do the installation quickly and efficiently in an effort to minimize the amount of time the client is inconvenienced.


    Patio Enclosures

    Is it your dream to have a patio that is functional and looks great? The patios can be upgraded by Wexford Sunrooms Inc. to make the most of them. We make sure that we understand the client's needs, whether it is for a fully enclosed or partially enclosed space, as well as the budget the client has available to them. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients.

    As a result, we have a team that knows how to design enclosed patios for our customers. Different types of designs are available to clients based on their specific requirements. Our materials are of the best quality to reduce maintenance challenges for our clients.


    For a no-obligation, no-cost consultation, call us today @ (878) 332-9994

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